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Use the WriteSite independently as a writing 'guide'

You can use the WriteSite as a guide before you even begin to write your assignment.

Review features of your previous writing, including grammar, use of sources, and structure, using the WriteSite as a reference.

This review can be conducted at two 'levels'. First, briefly go over the section titles in the WriteSite. In this way you can quickly identify areas that you need to do further work on. You could also try reading the summaries first.

Secondly, you may want to focus on an area in which your teachers have given you feedback in the past, an area you consider is an existing problem or one where you consider you could improve in.

If you are unsure which areas of your writing you have problems with, you could try some of the practice activities from different units to test yourself.

Identifying problems prior to submission should be a part of your approach to writing. This can assist you to:

  • avoid making the same errors
  • avoid time-wasting bad habits
  • improve your writing
  • get better grades.

Review your writing using the relevant sections of the WriteSite at the following stages:

  • during the research and planning phase
  • at the first and subsequent draft stages
  • prior to submission.

Cyclical review of your writing is a strategy that will encourage critical and reflective approach.

Try reading your writing aloud before you submit the final draft. Your ears may pick up mistakes that you miss when reading.