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Practical strategies


There is no magic bullet for improving writing. It takes time, effort and a range of strategies, consistently applied. However, using the WriteSite throughout your degree program will help you improve your understanding of academic writing requirements, and improve your results!

In addition, if you adopt a reflective approach to your writing, engage in a dialogue with your teachers about how you can improve, and put in consistent effort over time, you will develop the skills and pratices of a confident and capable writer.

Here are some tips to help you.

  • Be focused. Identify particular areas that you will focus on for improvement in each assignment. Put extra effort into understanding and practising the types of skills and items relevant to those features in the WriteSite.
  • Be strategic. Analyse your writing habits and strategies. Try and identify the areas that will have the greatest impact on writing improvement. Make time to plan and review your work. Use the WriteSite as a reference for your review process at the planning, draft and pre-submission phases.
  • Be reflective. Consider and review comments from previous feedback from your teachers before you begin your next writing task. Build on and learn from feedback.
  • Be critical. Read and write critically. Analyse examples of writing that you consider good models, and think about the features that make them good. Look carefully at texts that you think are not well written, and see if you can identify the problem areas, so that you can avoid them yourself.
  • Be proactive. Ask your teachers for feedback on specific areas in your writing that you've identified and are trying to improve on. Explain to them why you're asking for feedback and let them know that you are also using the WriteSite to help you improve.
  • Be consistent. Review the progress you've made in your writing in previous semesters and use this as the basis for further improvements.

Consistent, proactive measures and the support offered through the WriteSite can improve your writing strategies and result in better writing and improved grades.