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Viewing the WriteSite

Can I use the WriteSite on a mobile device?

The WriteSite can be viewed on mobile devices using Android 2.2 or later. The Flash activities generally work, but some are easier to use than others. Activities that use click-and-drag are tricker to operate, and may require you to click (or tap) in the box that contains the word you want to move before you actually try to drag the word across the screen.

You may have to download Flash Player for your Android device.

Much of the content in the WriteSite can be viewed on Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad). However, because these devices do not support Flash, the Flash activities in the WriteSite will not work, and the pages that contain Flash activities may appear blank.

Do I need plug-ins to view the WriteSite on a desktop computer or a laptop?

You need Flash Player 6 and above to view the WriteSite and this comes bundled with all browsers. If the activities in the WriteSite are working and you don't see empty borders, it is likely that you have the correct Flash Player.

If you are in doubt you can check by going to If you have Flash Player installed the version number will appear in the box headed 'Version Information'.

When you access a WriteSite activity, your browser should detect whether you have the required Flash Player and will automatically download it if required.

If you are not directed to the download page but need the Flash Player, you can download it at

Computing facilities for students on campus (ICT Access Labs, Learning Hubs and the Tech Lounge) should all have the Flash Player installed. You should be able to view the WriteSite on these computers without downloading anything.

For the location of computing facilities see

Further help

If you observe problems in the WriteSite or are still having problems, contact the Sydney eLearning Helpdesk.