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The WriteSite Marking Key

Assign a grade and upload the completed marking key to the LMS

After reviewing an assignment, you must enter a grade in the learning management system (LMS) before you can make the marked assignment and marking key available to the student.

  1. Login to the LMS.
  2. From the Control Panel, click on Grade Centre then Full Grade Centre.
  3. Find the column for the assignment, click the options icon at the top of the column and choose 'Grade Attempts' from the drop-down menu.

    The Full Grade Centre in the LMS

    In the Grade Centre, find the column for the assignment and choose Grade Attempts for the column
  4. The Grade Assignment window will appear. Here you can provide feedback in the 'Feedback to User' text box. This can include directions to review their writing in reference to the feedback included in the marking key.

    'Grade Assignment' Screen in the LMS

    grade assignment tool page in the learning management system
  5. Add a grade in 'Grade Current Attempt'.
  6. Attach the completed WriteSite marking key from your computer by clicking 'Browse My Computer'.
    The ‘Grade Assignment’ screen refreshes to show the newly uploaded marking key for that student. Click 'Browse My Computer' to attach the student’s assignment, if you have annotated the file.
  7. Click ‘Submit’.

This submission has now been graded. The student will be able to access their grade, your comments, and the completed marking key.