The University of Sydney



The WriteSite Marking Key

Using the marking key to provide feedback to students

  1. If you are marking assignments that have been submitted via the learning management system (LMS), download the student submissions from the Grade Centre. Grade and annotate the students' assignments as required.
  2. Open the marking key form or, if you have created one, the assignment cover sheet that contains the electronic version of the form.
  3. Fill in a copy of the key for each student, indicating the units the student should review by checking the relevant boxes with an 'x'.
  4. Save the file on your computer or network location with a unique filename that identifies the assignment, marking key file and student name e.g. EssayKeyBJones.docx. You may wish to save each student's marking key in the folder containing their assignment that is created when you download the submissions from the LMS.
  5. Save and close the document.