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The WriteSite Marking Key

This section contains the marking key file for download. It can be used electronically or in hard copy format.

Instructions are given for:

  • downloading the marking key
  • incorporating the key into an assignment cover sheet
  • using the marking key to provide feedback to students
  • uploading a completed marking key to the assignments tool in the learning management system (LMS).

Download the marking key

To download the marking key:

  • on a Mac, right click on the link above and choose 'Save Link As'
  • on a PC, right click on the link above and click 'Save Target As'.

Note the location that you save to.

Incorporating the key into an assignment cover sheet

The downloaded marking key can be inserted into an assignment cover sheet for use online or in hard copy form.

Use the marking key in hard copy form

  1. In Microsoft Word, open your departmental assignment cover sheet.
  2. Place your cursor at the point you want to insert the marking key, then choose 'Insert - file' to insert the marking key rtf file into the cover sheet.
  3. Save the document.

Note that this process produces only a printable version of the form. You will not be able to electronically check the marking key form in your assignment cover sheet.