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The WriteSite project

The WriteSite is an online resource designed to support the development of academic writing competencies. It focuses on the academic writing issues most relevant to undergraduates but may also be relevant to students studying for a higher degree. Though the site content is written in the context of the Humanities and Social Sciences, using the genre of the research essay as a model, the generic skills that the WriteSite fosters are applicable to a wide range of academic disciplines.

The WriteSite is a collaborative project between the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Learning Centre and is an initiative of Sydney eLearning, under the auspices of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education).

The project arose from the realisation that there were few resources that supported academics in developing uniform and efficient approaches to providing quality writing feedback.

The site is a University-wide resource available to all students and academics. It provides a consistent resource and reference for academic writing for students to refer to throughout their Degree Program.

This site will support your teaching by:

  • assisting students' developmental and/or remedial learning needs related to academic writing
  • providing a consistent metalanguage for discussing aspects of academic writing with your students
  • facilitating greater precision and clarity in your feedback to students
  • relieving you of repetitive explanation and remediation for the most common writing problems.

The WriteSite addresses students' common learning needs, both developmental and remedial, by providing:

  • clear descriptions and examples of common writing problems
  • clear explanations and examples of correct usage
  • interactive examples that allow students to practice error recognition and correct usage.

It is expected that most students will access the site because they have been directed to a Unit via an academic's annotation of their written work, but students can also benefit from using the WriteSite independently.