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Giving feedback with the WriteSite Marking Key

Feedback is a key element in quality learning, creating an environment that encourages learner reflection and improvement. The WriteSite's marking key assists by:

  • providing staff and students with a consistent metalanguage for feedback on writing over the course of a student's Degree Program
  • providing an institution-wide framework for improving dialogue on reflective writing practices
  • making it easier for students to identify recurring academic writing issues in their work
  • reducing time-consuming annotation of student work
  • reducing repetitive written and oral explanations of common problems.

The Marking Key makes it easy to direct students to specific units within the WriteSite according to the errors noted in their written work. Students can then work through the designated areas of the WriteSite and use the information and activities to improve their writing.

The Marking Key can either be filled in electronically or in hard copy and attached to students' essays. Tick the box next to the units that the student needs to review.

For instructions, see the Marking Key document.

image of the writesite marking key

Of course, you can also annotate student writing directly for errors covered in the WriteSite if you wish. However, referring students to the WriteSite content can significantly reduce the need for repetitive explanations of common problems.