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The content has been divided into three broad areas:

  • Module 1, Grammar, reviews some of the most common grammatical errors in student writing.
  • Module 2, Sources, examines the use of academic sources and the importance of referencing in academic writing.
  • Module 3, Structure, uses the genre of the research essay to explore planning processes, how to structure a piece of writing and how to write cohesively.

You'll find three handy links in the navigation bar at the top right hand side, which you can access from anywhere in the site:

  1. The site map will give you an overview of the site content. You might find it useful to print this out and use it for reference when you are marking.
  2. The glossary explains technical terms (e.g. grammatical terms) that are used in the site. Words in the text that are highlighted in brown (e.g. conjunction) are linked to the glossary.
  3. The help page contains:
  • some technical help regarding computer plugins and system requirements
  • assistance with some common problems
  • where to find further assistance if you or your students need it.