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The WriteSite - Credits and Contacts


The WriteSite project was initiated by Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney and developed in cooperation with the University of Sydney Learning Centre. The project was supported by Sydney eLearning, under the auspices of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching.

Content: Learning Centre.

Elaine Jackson

Peter O'Carroll

Angela Ardington


Educational design, site design and development,
project management: Flexible Online Learning Team.

(in alphabetical order)

Sue Atkinson

Danny Carroll

Marianna Koulias

Jo Lockwood

Leslie McInnes

Gosia Mendrela

Kate Simpson

Fiona Thurn


Project coordination: Director of Learning and Teaching, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Nerida Jarkey


Assistants to the Project Coordinator:

Christine Fogg

Danielle Ryan

Melissa Hunt


Homepage graphics:

Andrew Phillips

Academic Advisory Group:

Ahmar Mahboob, Department of Linguistics.

Craig Ronalds, Department of English.

Susan Thomas, Department of English.