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Integrating the WriteSite into your unit of study

Provide a written assignment item early in the unit of study

Many units of study currently only have one piece of written assessment, due near the end of term. This makes it difficult to provide timely feedback that students could use to improve their marks in that unit. Effective feedback requires that students have time and a reason to reflect on and incorporate the feedback into their writing approaches.

You may want to consider creating a short formative discipline-based writing task early in the semester. Examples could include a trial writing task or first draft of the final assignment. Feedback from a mid-term assignment or draft will provide valuable scaffolding for improving writing.

Providing standardised and detailed feedback that is integrated into your course will assist in improving writing skills. Your effort will send a clear message to students about academic writing expectations.

Consider departmental-wide use of the WriteSite for all first-year units of study

An integrated Departmental-wide use of the WriteSite is more likely to have a greater impact on writing outcomes as it will provide a measure of continuity and reinforcement for students. Using the WriteSite could be made a compulsory component of a 1st semester course. Communication and broad consensus amongst colleagues on tackling writing issues and how best to use the WriteSite should strengthen gains made at an individual unit of study level.

Institution-wide use of the WriteSite will assist students by providing consistent language and format for writing feedback throughout their university study.