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3.4 Writing persuasively

This unit looks at the difference between descriptive, analytical and persuasive analytical writing. It shows how persuasive analytical writing uses evidence from source material combined with persuasive language to clearly present the writer's position on the topic.


  • descriptive, analytical and persuasive analytical writing: an overview
  • descriptive writing: key features
  • analytical writing: key features
  • persuasive analytical writing: key features.

3.5 Writing Cohesively

This unit looks at the use of language strategies to create clear, cohesive writing. It shows students how to guide the reader through the logical connections between ideas and information in an essay.


  • strategies for writing cohesively
  • theme and thematic progression in essay writing
  • three effective ways of using theme
  • the role of repetition, synonyms, antonyms and categorisation in creating cohesion
  • using reference words to show the connections between ideas and give clarity to writing
  • types of conjunction that are used to signal the relationships between information and ideas in a text.